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[Nano-devel] Some linters and syntax

From: Mark Oteiza
Subject: [Nano-devel] Some linters and syntax
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 19:40:14 -0400
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With the new release, I got curious about nano and its new features, and
decided to play with it.

Emacs has flycheck, vim has syntastic.  It's neat that nano now has
linter support.  Here are some linters I found which worked with nano
(in .nanorc form):

  extendsyntax c linter gcc -fshow-column
  extendsyntax python linter pyflakes
  extendsyntax ruby linter ruby -w -c
  extendsyntax sh linter dash -n
  extendsyntax tex linter chktex -v0 -q -I

It would be pretty convenient if nano shipped with some linter

I also tried my hand at syntax files, writing ones for Guile scheme and
Emacs lisp. I'm sure they could use improvement, for instance:

* For Emacs lisp I don't know how to highlight multiline strings
* In both lisps, if we want to highlight the `foo` function, there is
  nothing stopping a function like `foo-bar` having just `foo`
  highlighted, which looks weird.

I attached these syntax files.  If any of this is desirable, I'd be
happy to send patches.


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