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Re: [Nano-devel] the man pages of nano...

From: Mario Blättermann
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] the man pages of nano...
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2015 20:57:53 +0100
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Hi Benno,

Am 01.03.2015 um 22:00 schrieb Benno Schulenberg:
> Hello Mario,
> On Sat, Feb 28, 2015, at 23:45, Mario Blättermann wrote:
>> Am 27.02.2015 um 21:50 schrieb Benno Schulenberg:
>>> Version 4.0 of nano is on the horizon,
>> You mean 2.4.0 ...?
> Yes.  Talk of Linux 4.0 apparently intruded.  :|
>> Indeed, there was a lot of other work in the meantime and I was forgotten the
>> nano man pages... sorry for that.
> It is I who should say sorry: you did post
> (
> and I did make first investigations, but then apparently forgot
> about it.  :|
>> [...] As far as I was able to figure out, we need a
>> configuration file like this:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [po4a_paths] doc/man/nano.pot de:doc/man/de.po fr:doc/man/fr.po 
>> nl:doc/man/nl.po
>> uk:doc/man/uk.po
>> [type: man] doc/man/nano.1 $lang:doc/man/$lang/nano.1
>> [type: man] doc/man/nanorc.5 $lang:doc/man/$lang/nanorc.5
>> [type: man] doc/man/rnano.1 $lang:doc/man/$lang/rnano.1
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Instead of the '[po4a_paths] ...' we better use something like
> '[po_directory] doc/l10n' -- then po4a will automatically detect
> the POT file and the PO files, and initialize the $lang variable.
> I have very little time these days, so...
I was able to figure out the way recommended by the po4a folks, using a config 

Have a look at the attached tarball. Unpack it in doc/man of the Nano SVN.
You'll get a directory named "po" which contains de.po and fr.po. For the time
being, the German one is still as incomplete as the French one... The latter is
derived from the existing plain text translations, but there's still some work
left for me. Finally it must be proofread by the original translator, but no
problem, Jean-Philippe Guérard is an active TP member and the Nano UI translator

Then run "po4a po4a.conf", which updates the template, merges it with the
existing po files and finally creates the translated groff texts in the correct
directories, ready for installation. For temporary convenience I've added
opt:"-k 0" to each line, so that po4a also accepts files with zero translated
strings, this is for testing purposes only.

I'll further investigate what to do in the Autotools stack to get it built and
installed at end users (or packagers) side. But maybe someone has an idea how to
integrate it into the ./configure script? In any case, we need a build target in
the Makefile which contains "po4a po4a.conf" and a target for cleaning the
translated files "-rm -rf man/po/*/man*". Any help appreciated.

Best Regards,

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