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Re: [Nano-devel] Doc translations with po4a

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] Doc translations with po4a
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 22:01:22 +0200

Hello Mario and all others,

On Sun, Jul 27, 2014, at 21:51, Mario Bl├Ąttermann wrote:
> it is no question to also use the TP for the docs. To map the usual TP 
> workflow
> to the docs, we need something which creates po files. Have a look at the
> attached scripts.

Thanks for those.  To keep things somewhat simple I want for now
to focus just on the man pages, and leave the texinfo stuff for a
later addition.

So, what needs to be done for every (pre)release is roughly this:

cd doc
po4a-updatepo -f man -M utf-8  -p man/template-man.pot \
        -m man/nano.1 -m man/nanorc.5 -m man/rnano.1

cd man
rsync -Lrtvz .

for file in *.po; do
    msgmerge --no-wrap  ${file}  template-man.pot  > ${file}.fresh
    mv  ${file}.fresh  ${file}
    po4a-translate -f man -M utf-8 -k ${threshold} -m nano.1 -p ${file} -l 
    po4a-translate -f man -M utf-8 -k ${threshold} -m nanorc.5 -p ${file} -l 
    po4a-translate -f man -M utf-8 -k ${threshold} -m rnano.1 -p ${file} -l 

rm *.po

Also, the 'make install' phase should look at LINGUAS, and if it
is set, install the docs only for the mentioned languages. But
that is a detail.  The harder part is: how to get install rules
at all for things that pop up on the TP?  Automatically, I mean,
without having to add anything by hand whenever a new file
appears on the Translation Project.

> After getting the po files back from the TP robot,

Since the PO files are a kind of derivative files, I would like to avoid
putting them under version control -- they are files that package
maintainers should not change in any way, and putting them under
version control gives a whole lot of churn in SVN for no good reason.

> All we now need is someone with Autotools skills who can implement
> this in the installation chain.

Yes.  Not me.  ...   Isn't there some other package that has already
implemented po4a for its documentation that I could have a look at?

> Moreover, there are some French plain text translations of the man
> pages. Don't know how old and how complete,

The last update of those dates from late 2007.  That may seem old
but nano hasn't changed very much -- they would probably still
reach 80%.

> In any case I will try to do the migration, marking all strings
> where I'm unsure as "fuzzy".

That would be nice.



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