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[Nano-devel] why does --with-slang do --enable-tiny?

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Nano-devel] why does --with-slang do --enable-tiny?
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 11:54:33 +0200

Hi Chris and others,

The current file contains this:

if test x$CURSES_LIB_NAME = xslang; then
    AC_DEFINE(NANO_TINY, 1, [Define this to make the nano executable as small 
as possible.])
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_BROWSER, 1, [Define this to disable the built-in file 
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_HELP, 1, [Define this to disable the help text display.])
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_JUSTIFY, 1, [Define this to disable the justify 
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_MOUSE, 1, [Define this to disable the mouse support.])
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_OPERATINGDIR, 1, [Define this to disable the setting of 
the operating directory (chroot of sorts).])
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_SPELLER, 1, [Define this to disable the spell checker 
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_TABCOMP, 1, [Define this to disable the tab completion 
functions for files and search strings.])
    AC_DEFINE(DISABLE_WRAPPING, 1, [Define this to disable all text wrapping.])

Why does the configuration with --with-slang silently disable all those things
(the same ones that --enable-tiny disables)?  The documentation says nothing
about this.  Well, the texinfo document says that compiling nano with slang
"will make the binary notably smaller than if compiled with ncurses ", but this
isn't true, it makes the binary just a few bytes smaller than with 

So... should the above section of simply be removed?  And the
texinfo doc updated?


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