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Re: [Nano-devel]

From: Eitan Adler
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel]
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 10:40:27 -0500

On 3 January 2013 00:46, Chris Allegretta <address@hidden> wrote:
>> >> Also this is a good time to remind me if folks have been maintaining
>> >> downstream things for your distro and you want to push them up; a URL
>> >> is preferred to a giant number of attachments in a private reply :)

> Hmm this is taking a lot longer than I'd have hoped.  I'll keep on this as
> it seems like it shouldnt be this hard to figure out... unsure how easy
> fixing the last would be, ideally we'd turn it into a .in file and actually
> generate the path based on the install prefix.
> err, I see lots of warning wih slang (assuming that's what you meant), it
> seems slang thinks that the string argument to waddnstr is char * but
> ncurses think its const char *.  But since you brought it up I fixed some
> other issues with -Wall and -pedantic in r4555

I meant clang -  -

> Unable to reproduce with the g++ I tried (gcc version 4.4.5) but I
> introduced new problems with the locking code so I fixed those. r4556


> This is likely a release script problem, maybe I should just check all that
> in rather than keep having to find them every time I upgrade desktops....


> Hmm and looks like a few others, but wow this one was pretty blatantly
> wrong.  r4560.
>  Thank you for all your efforts here Eitan and Mike!

And thank you for yours!

Eitan Adler

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