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[Nano-devel] Character count bug in 2.2.2+

From: Robert Spanjaard
Subject: [Nano-devel] Character count bug in 2.2.2+
Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 19:17:24 +0000 (UTC)

There's a bug in the status line character count when auto-indent is on, 
in the version I'm using, which is 2.2.2 under Ubuntu 10.04. I haven't 
read anything about a fix in the release notes of later versions, so I 
assume the bug still exists.

If you hit Enter, the number of characters to the right of the cursor is 
also added to the character count. That shouldn't happen.

Here's an example:

Put Nano in auto-indent mode.

Enter the following line:


The total character count is now 12, if you included the leading spaces 
and you haven't hit Enter yet.

Now, position the cursor at the end of the first line, and hit Enter. The 
character count increases by 4, as expected: 3 spaces and a newline. So 
the character count is now 16.

Now, position the cursor at x, and press Enter again. Suddenly, the 
character count increases by 8 instead of 4. The actual number of 
characters is 20 (try moving the cursor beyond the 20th character), but 
the status line says there are 24 characters.

This only happens in auto-indent. It doesn't matter at which moment you 
switch auto-indent on or off (or back on again).

Regards, Robert                            

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