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[Nano-devel] Introduction

From: Louis Casillas
Subject: [Nano-devel] Introduction
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 09:24:23 -0400

Hello!  I use nano all the time and I'd like to help make it better.  I've been looking at the source code for a few hours and I'm starting to get a basic feel for it.

I was looking at the TODO list and thought I'd look into incorporating libmagic to improve file type detection.  Often times while working on text files libmagic will return a generic file type such as 'ASCII text'.  I am thinking at that point it would be best to fall back on the file extension to determine the file type.  Any suggestions or ideas?

I have noticed in the source code sometimes the comments are written before the function or variable they are commenting and sometimes the comments are written afterwards.  I have never seen this before so I am wondering if there is a story there and if there is any interest to have all the comments moved before the lines they are commenting to be consistant.

Also, I have checked out revision 4489 and I will update frequently but I am wondering if there is anyone currently working in their own branch that hasn't committed yet.  I'd prefer not to duplicate anyone's work.

Take care!


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