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Re: [Nano-devel] Soft line wrapping is in SVN

From: Hannes
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] Soft line wrapping is in SVN
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 18:53:44 +0200

Hello Chris (and list)!

> the soft-line wrapping request, i.e. the one reason I
> still exit nano and fire up vi on occasion.  A basic (naive) version
> is now in subversion

This is excellent news! I just checked it out from subversion. Though
you probably know about them already, here are a few issues I had with
this new feature:

- Exactly one character is apparantely 'eaten' when soft-wrapping a
  line. It is the character which without soft-wrapping would have
  disappeared behind the $ character indicating the line goes on.

- Using soft scrolling, when a soft-wrapped line is on the very bottom
  of the screen, trying to scroll down further using the down cursor
  key doesn't really work. The cursor position indicator increases the
  number of the current line as expected, but the actual viewport
  doesn't move anymore. So nano basically claims it's still scrolling
  down when it isn't visibly. Page down enables me to jump over these
  spots, on the other hand.

- Scrolling up and down (again, using soft scrolling) will sometimes
  duplicate lines one or two line above where they actually are.

- Not a bug, but more of a 'wishlist' item concerning soft-wrapping: It
  would be great if nano could wrap the lines at a word boundary
  instead of exactly at the right of the screen.

- Sugar-coating-on-top-kind-of item: Ideally, it would be configurable
  whether soft-wrapped lines start on the left or whether they follow a
  kind of deep indentation, i.e. indent the wrapped part of the line
  one level more than the line basically is.


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