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Re: [Nano-devel] Subtle syntax highlight + cut bug with 2.1.10

From: Eitan Adler
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] Subtle syntax highlight + cut bug with 2.1.10
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 10:00:31 +0000
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Chris Allegretta wrote:
> Hi Eitan,
> Oh drat, I tried to make sure this wouldn't happen when adding the
> basic syntax highlight caching I added earlier in the series.  I
> assume this is not specific to 1.2.10 since not too much happened
> syntax-highlighting-wise in that release.  If you could post a
> sanitized version of the code that would be most help, otherwise if
> you could post the exact strings for the beginning comment and end
> comment I'll try and figure it out.  I generally test again nano.c's
> comments and they seemed to do the Right Thing when I would cut/paste
> them.

int foo()
      return 0;

cut the first comment.

Eitan Adler
"Security is increased by designing for the way humans actually behave."
-Jakob Nielsen
## Here is an example for C/C++.
syntax "c" "\.(c(c|pp|xx)?|C)$" "\.(h(h|pp|xx)?|H)$" "\.ii?$"
color brightred "[[:<:]][A-Z_][0-9A-Z_]+[[:>:]]" 
color green 
color green "[[:<:]]((s?size)|((u_?)?int(8|16|32|64|ptr)))_t[[:>:]]"
color green 
color brightyellow "[[:<:]](for|if|while|do|else|case|default|switch)[[:>:]]"
color brightyellow "[[:<:]](try|throw|catch|operator|new|delete)[[:>:]]"
color magenta "[[:<:]](goto|continue|break|return)[[:>:]]"
color brightcyan 
color brightmagenta "'([^'\]|(\\["'abfnrtv\\]))'" "'\\(([0-3]?[0-7]{1,2}))'" 
## GCC builtins
color cyan "__attribute__[[:space:]]*\(\([^)]*\)\)" 
## String highlighting.  You will in general want your comments and
## strings to come last, because syntax highlighting rules will be
## applied in the order they are read in.
color brightyellow "<[^=        ]*>" ""(\\.|[^"])*""
## This string is VERY resource intensive!
color brightyellow start=""(\\.|[^"])*\\[[:space:]]*$" end="^(\\.|[^"])*""

## Comment highlighting
color brightblue "//.*"
color brightblue start="/\*" end="\*/"

## Trailing whitespace
color ,green "[[:space:]]+$"

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