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[Nano-devel] freeze when display help

From: Mitsuya Shibata
Subject: [Nano-devel] freeze when display help
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 18:14:48 +0900

Hi folks,

I'm using nano on Ubuntu machine.
Thank you for very easy-to-use editor!
However, it freezes when display help,
on 2.0.7 with Japanese locale.

I think its reason is followings:
 * Japanese translated sentences basically
  have no blank.
 * But if include English words,
  translated sentences have blanks.
 * If appear breakable blank, and display
  length of next word is over columns,
  then breakable character apparent only
  head of string.
 * Because help_line_len() and break_line()
  always return 0, "for" loop become to
  infinity loop at line 113-120 in help.c.

It can reproduce by modified message catalog.
Ex. in "#: src/help.c:358", change "editors"
to long word greater than 80 characters.

I don't know proper solution. But I wrote
and attached patch for workaround.

This patch's behavior is followings:
 * It changes break_line() in text.c.
 * Affect only "enabled help" and "newline is true".
 * If become above state, this patch will force
  break under column width.

Mitsuya Shibata

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