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[Nano-devel] Bug causes segfault if paste is done during mark/cut operat

From: Goins Paul
Subject: [Nano-devel] Bug causes segfault if paste is done during mark/cut operation
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 09:19:53 +0900


This bug is easily reproducible on my system, so hopefully it will be on yours. Nano version is 2.0.6, installed from Debian's unstable repository. The package is marked as "2.0.6-2" there, so hopefully there's no real code difference between the debian package and your official release.

The bug:
Paste this text into nano:

   //SetStatusText(_T(PROGRAM_NAME " " VERSION_STR));

void MainWindow::OnQuit(wxCommandEvent& event) {

void MainWindow::OnAbout(wxCommandEvent& event) {
   wxMessageBox(_T("This is a wxWidgets' Hello world sample"),
                _T("About Hello World"), wxOK | wxICON_INFORMATION);

* On the first line, use Ctrl+A to mark: PROGRAM_NAME " " VERSION_STR
* Do a Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U to copy the text
* Move to the 2nd to last line, and use Ctrl+A to mark:
 "This is a wxWidgets' Hello world sample"
* Do a Ctrl+U to paste the string that was previously copied.
 (Yes, I'm aware of the usage mistake I made here, but bear with me.)
* Move the cursor back so that it is just on top of the P in PROGRAM_NAME.
* Press Ctrl+K.  Segmentation fault.

Best Regards,
- Paul Goins


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