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Re: [Nano-devel] nano 2.1 branch opened in CVS, and nano's future

From: Jordi Mallach
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] nano 2.1 branch opened in CVS, and nano's future
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 14:53:28 +0100
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On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 08:18:13AM -0500, David Lawrence Ramsey wrote:
> As for nano's future, as interesting as working on it has been, I'm
> running out of time for development.  I'll still do bugfix releases of
> the 2.0 branch, but I'd like to hand off the new development to someone
> else.  Any volunteers?  (David Benbennick: are you still here in regards
> to that?)

Now that 2.1 is open, I'd like to propose something that has annoyed me
slightly for a few years. :)

Can we switch to a "standard" ChangeLog format in HEAD starting from
now? My proposal:

- Move ChangeLog to ChangeLog.pre-2.1
- Start a new ChangeLog, with entries:

YYYY-MM-DD[space][space]Name Surname[space][space]<address@hidden>

[tab]* src/file.c: This and that change.
[tab]* src/foo.c (foo_func): Exciting stuff.

There are helper scripts which ease writing changelog entries. The
rationale is that *so* many people over the last years have looked at
nano's ChangeLog and asked told me "err, this is quite unreadable".

NEWS could also evolve into something more usual. I often wonder how
hard is to find a phrase which hasn't been used before to say "nano
x.y.z has been released". :)

for examples.

David, I'm sorry to hear you're looking for someone to replace you on
the head of this project. You're the person most committed to details
I've met on the net.

Jordi Mallach PĂ©rez  --  Debian developer
address@hidden     address@hidden
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