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Re: [Nano-devel] next paragraph / previous paragraph

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] next paragraph / previous paragraph
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 22:38:46 +0100
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David Lawrence Ramsey wrote:
> Benno Schulenberg wrote:
>  >   M-(   (M-9)   Move to beginning of paragraph, of previous
>  > paragraph 
>  >   M-)   (M-0)   Move just beyond end of paragraph, of next 
>  > paragraph 
>  >
>  > Attached patch proposes the last alternative.
> Thanks for trying to clarify these, but there are still some
> problems. What makes these hard to describe is that (a) M-( only
> moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph if
> it's already at the beginning of the current paragraph;

Indeed, but that is what "Move to beginning of paragraph, of 
previous paragraph" tries to convey, while being limited to 80 
characters line length.  It's intended to be read as: "Move to 
beginning of paragraph; (if already there then to beginning) of 
previous paragraph".

Maybe this would be better:
  "M-(   Move to start of paragraph; then of previous paragraph"
  "M-)   Move beyond end of paragraph; then of next paragraph"

> (b) if 
> you consider the newline after the last line of the paragraph to
> be part of the paragraph, M-) does move to the end of the
> paragraph;

    But each line ends in a LF, and ^E goes there, and when saying 
"end of paragraph" then I would expect M-) to go to the LF at the 
end of the last line of the paragraph.  Then one just has to type a 
space and continue to add another sentence to the paragraph.
    What M-) does is: it goes one character beyond that LF.  In the 
case of these two paragraphs it would go to the first space before 
"What M-) does...": it in fact goes to the beginning of the next 
paragraph; to add a sentence to the previous paragraph, one first 
has to do a cursorleft.  In other words: a paragraph does not 
always end in a double LF.

>  > Also, wouldn't these paragraph jumping keys be more useful if
>  > they not only recognized contiguous lines that start at
>  > position zero as a single paragraph, but also contiguous lines
>  > that all have the same indentation?
> If you have autoindent turned on, they should do that.

Ah, indeed they do.  nano is cleverer than I foolishly thought.  
<adds set autoindent to /etc/nanorc>

>  > While at it, I've also made a patch to replace "Move to" with
>  > "Go to", as "Move" sounds too much like _something is being
>  > moved -- at least to me.  But feel free to ignore this, as it
>  > would mess up too many string unnecessarily.
> I don't want to break the translation freeze for the 2.0.x
> branch, but once the next version is branched, which should be
> soon, this sounds good.  (This also applies to rewording the help
> for the paragraph jumping keys.)  Sorry I can't be of more help
> here.

No problem, it sounds like the perfect way of doing things.


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