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[Nano-devel] ms.po and hu.po

From: Jordi Mallach
Subject: [Nano-devel] ms.po and hu.po
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 14:21:41 +0100
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Hey David,

2006-12-06  David Lawrence Ramsey  <address@hidden>

        * hu.po: Removed unneeded duplicate plural forms again.
        * ms.po: Fixed incorrect "Project-Id-Version" entry.

I think this is wrong:

- hu.po has, as far as I can tell, perfectly correct plural form
  information. It declares nplurals=2, and that generates two entries
  per ngettext() call in the Hungarian file. Just as Catalan or Spanish.

address@hidden:~/cvs/nano/HEAD/po$ msgfmt --statistics hu.po -cv 
362 missatges traduïts.

- ms.po has the Project-Id-Version entry of the file that was sent via
  the TP. I know it's not the latest one, but little we can do. I do
  need to ping the translator and see if he plans to actuall work on
  2.0.0, but for now, what he sent is the latest version we have around.
  Project-Id-Version just states what version has been translated, and
  AFAIK it was correct.

Last but not least, the 2.0 release was pretty quiet here. I know it's
been a while already, but congratulations everyone. Not every week we
get to see a new stable release. Actually, it's more like every 4 years

Jordi Mallach Pérez  --  Debian developer
address@hidden     address@hidden
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