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[Nano-devel] updates...

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] updates...
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 08:36:37 -0400
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In addition to the fixes for a missing $PWD and for scrolling up/down,
the following major changes are in CVS:

* the mouse support has finally been fixed so that it only responds to
the left mouse button; mousemask() now allows all events, and
get_mouseinput() throws out all events other than button 1 releases and
button 1 clicks; allowing only one of these two events causes a problem
where clicking the mouse too fast won't register at all, but allowing
them both makes the mouse respond just as well as before

* a ton of minor bugs have been fixed in the file browser:

** for "..", the file browser now displays "(parent dir)" instead of
"(dir)", as Pico does; this means that the minimum value of longest is
now 15, so that we have enough room to display ".. (parent dir)"

** translator comments have been added to "(parent dir)" and "(dir)",
mentioning their maximum recommended widths

** after backing up a directory by entering "..", the highlighted file
is now the directory we were in before instead of the first file in the
list, as in Pico

** the maximum width of longest is now COLS instead of (COLS - 1), as
the latter value kept the last column of the screen from ever being used

** filenames that are too long are displayed with ellipses, as they are
in titlebar(), except when the amount of available space is incredibly
small, in which case the first few characters of the filename are
displayed instead so as to differentiate it from other filenames and
also to avoid filenames like "....txt"; titlebar() has been similarly
updated as well

** width is now set properly when there's only one row's worth of

** width is now calculated in browser_init() instead of
browser_refresh(), so that the latter no longer assumes that the
highlight always starts on the first sile in the list, and so that the
possibility of width's being 0 no longer has to be worked around all
over the place (and it wasn't worked around in all needed areas anyway,
such as the mouse support code)

** mouse clicks off the edge of the file list will now read in the last
file in the row if it's selected, as in Pico

** no blank space is reserved for the state of the current file when in
the file browser, as in Pico

** the main loop has been refactored a bit to make it simpler

* the help browser's main loop has been refactored a bit to match that
of the file browser

* the newly-fixed do_scroll_(up|down)() functions now have much more in
common with the do_(up|down)() functions, so the two have been

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