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[Nano-devel] updates, etc.

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] updates, etc.
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 03:03:26 +0200
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I'm not dead; I've just been busy again.  And, since I forgot to mention 
it before, I got back in front of my own machine a few weeks ago, so I'm 
no longer stuck on dialup.  Here are the major changes I've put into 
nano CVS so far, aside from the cross-compiling tweaks you've already 
heard about:

* readded the disabling of the IEXTEN termios flag, which was in nano 
1.2.x, for consistency

* added DB's overhaul of the file opening, reading, and loading 
operations; this removes the code to detect binary files and turn the 
NO_CONVERT flag on (since it won't work with UTF-8 files), removes the 
need for most of the ugly workarounds in edit_refresh() and other 
functions that depend on edittop's and current's being valid, and 
generally makes it a lot simpler code-wise to load another file

* added tweaks to make smooth scrolling apply everywhere when it's 
turned on, as opposed to just cursor movement and paging

* justify_format() now removes space after a character in punct if it's 
duplicated; this is for greater compatibility with Pico, which doesn't 
keep spaces after e.g. "..."

* the functions to move to the beginning and end of a paragraph and to 
justify the entire file now have aliases of Meta-( (Meta-9), Meta-) 
(Meta-0), and Meta-J respectively; they're also accessible from the main 
shortcut list now, as keeping them only in the search menu is rather 
bizarre if Pico-compatible, since none of them are traditional searching 
functions (if paragraph searches are, then why aren't word searches 
there too?)

* the part of my high-level input overhaul that consolidated the code to 
read shortcut and toggle lists and split out the edit window-specific 
keyboard and mouse input routines (by the way, do_mouse() is now 
get_edit_mouse()) is applied, as it makes things quite a bit simpler; 
I'd like to remove the constant references to window sizes in the mouse 
input functions at some point, so that nano can handle dynamically sized 
windows if needed (and they might well be needed in the case of the 
ability to use more than two lines for the statusbar and tab over where 
necessary when a translation is too long; I haven't forgotten about 

* pressing Ctrl-L at the statusbar prompt now refreshes the screen, as 
it does in Pico; note that Pico has a bug where pressing Ctrl-L at the 
search prompt will kick you back to the main window with the message """ 
not found"; I obviously haven't duplicated this behavior

And, lest you think that I haven't done anything toward UTF-8 support, 
I've been working on porting DB's old UTF-8 patch to the current code.  
Note that it isn't finished yet (although it's close), and I haven't 
tried compiling with it yet:

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