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[Nano-devel] Just a quick thank you! :)

From: a156396
Subject: [Nano-devel] Just a quick thank you! :)
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 17:51:34 -0700

Hi, Nano team. 

Just wanted to drop a couple of lines and thank you for your efforts. I
was looking for a text editor similar to Pico which I could use under
ms-dos/windows because I am pretty bored of the notepad, and not at all
willing to use wordpad, not to say ms word, when I edit simple text
files, which is the format I prefer. 

I started looking because I'll need the editor more often at school
thanks to my web programming class, in which our teacher wants us to use
a simple plain-text editor, and your Nano seems to work greatly. Some
years ago I used Pine for my email, and was happy to discover Pico when
I started using Slackware Linux, but now I'm going nuts!! :-) :Thanks
again for your efforts!!


           -= + | ERZENGEL | + =-

           -- Miguel Royo León --
             - address@hidden -

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