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[Nano-devel] more updates, marked spell checking patch

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] more updates, marked spell checking patch
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 10:21:41 -0800 (PST)

I've made some minor changes since 1.3.1 was released:

* calling edit_refresh() to repaint any multi-line color regexes
onscreen isn't necessary if COLOR_SYNTAX isn't set; a few chunks of code
that didn't take this into account before do now

* afaict, on the systems that need it, raw() doesn't need to be called
every time through the loop invariant in main(); it's now called only
once, just after the other ncurses init routines

* add DB's fix for the regex replace segfault

* minor cosmetic cleanup for get_accepted_kbinput()

* in do_credits(), nanosleep() is now used instead of usleep(), since the
former is POSIX-compliant and the latter is BSD-compliant (according to
the manpage, it's also in SUSv2, but the SUSv2 version doesn't have the
same prototype and requires that we #define XOPEN_SOURCE to 500, which
we don't); there's also a new explanatory comment

* README is reformatted to 72 chars per line, and has a minor wording
fix and several spacing fixes

* DB's changes to write_file() and do_writeout() (and my minor tweak to
the latter to make it work the same way as the old code) in 1.3.1
weren't documented in the changelog for some reason (which is odd, since
I remember writing the entries for them); they're in now; sorry for that

In the meantime, I've split out the aforementioned changes to
do_writeout() (i.e, the mostly self-contained chunk of code that handles
writing a marked selection to disk) into the write_marked() function,
and modified do_writeout() and the spell-checking routines to use it. 
This takes care of another item in the TODO: spell-checking only marked
text when the mark is on.  The patch for this is here:

It seems to work well so far, although I need to test it a bit more to
be sure.

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