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[Nano-devel] Re: bug report: strange behaviour in large console windows

From: Tom Weber
Subject: [Nano-devel] Re: bug report: strange behaviour in large console windows
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 18:10:42 +0100
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I forgot to mention a very important detail. I ran nano through luit, the 
encoding wrapper. I had this alias:
alias e='LANG="" luit -encoding "ISO 8859-1" nano'
Running nano without luit doesn't produce this bug. But what am I to do, I 
want to edit swedish text in nano.

On Sunday 23 November 2003 01:27, Tom Weber wrote:
> Hi!
> I found a bug in nano 1.2.2, using a terminal window higher than 24 rows
> makes nano behave in strange and erratic ways. These things happen, more or
> less often:
> - The window doesn't get properly cleared when doing Page Down
> - Nano terminates at start, clears window
> - Nano terminates at start, shell prompt on title row
> - Text in shell window doesn't scroll up, after exiting nano
> - Nano uses only part of shell window
> My system: Red Hat 9.0 i386
> Package: nano-1.2.2-1 rpm
> Terminal emulator: Konsole
> Konsole keyboard scheme: "Linux console"
> Xfree: 4.3.0
> I attach my .nanorc and a file which particularly triggers the bugs.
> By the way, nano rules otherwise! I see forward to version 1.4 and unicode
> support. I would also wish you implement shift+arrow marking and ^C ^X ^P
> block operations.

Tom Weber

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