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[Nano-devel] Wrap length

From: Andrzej Marecki
Subject: [Nano-devel] Wrap length
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 12:08:11 +0100 (MET)

Hi David,

There are two features of nano (pico will never have them ;-) I'm
dreaming of: 

1. An adjustable "wrap threshold". At the moment on a 80-char. wide
screen nano wraps a line if it's longer than 72 chars. (You remember
Fortran? :-) Of course if it's not a real CRT screen but e.g. an xterm
one can easily change that threshold by means of... making the terminal
wider/narrower. (Still, the max. line length = term_width - 8.) However,
sometimes I work on an old fashioned, "true" 80-char. screen and I want
my lines to be a bit (3-4 chars.) longer. Why? Oh gosh, because I say so! :-)))

(Look at the line above!!! I wanted a smiley to stay in *that* line and
not to be moved to the next one as nano/pico forces. So *that's* the
reason I want an adjustable wrap threshold. ;-)

Anyway, could it be possible to make that "8" an adjustable parameter?
BTW, in pico it seems to be 6 not 8.

2. Another big feature I'm missing both in pico and nano is a lack of
backup file. What I'm saying is: when I modify a file and then leave
pico/nano the original content of the file is lost! Couldn't nano be
better than pico with this respect, i.e. couldn't it save the backup
copy of the original file in [file].bak as vim (my favorite editor) does?? 


Andrzej Marecki                | 
Torun Centre for Astronomy     |   e-mail: address@hidden
N. Copernicus University       |   WWW:
ul. Gagarina 11                |   tel: +48 56 6113032
PL-87-100 Torun, POLAND        |   fax: +48 56 6113009

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