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[Nano-devel] status of patches

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] status of patches
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 19:58:12 -0700 (PDT)

nanodocs.patch: put "http://"; in front of the URL of the nano homepage in the 
credits, for consistency with the URL displayed by nano --version, port DB's 
fixes and updates to nano.texi from his mammoth patch to this

nanomiscbugs2.patch: more bug fixes/minor efficiency fixes, mostly ported from 
the first piece of DB's patch, but with one fix from his entire mammoth patch 
and two fixes of mine (described in the Changelog chunk); this is so I have 
less to untangle when trying to get some more of his fixes out

Note 1: the efficiency fixes are mainly in read_line() and read_file(), and 
I've put in only those which are very simple and which I understand (e. g. the 
reworking of len calculation to only increment len when a non-newline character 
is read, as opposed to incrementing len whenever a character is read and 
decrementing it at the end of each line so as to not include the newline 
character, as it does now).  I've been testing them, and they've been holding 
so far, but they probably need more testing just to be sure.

Note 2: one fix of mine is to allow wrapping when a tab is inserted, which 
breaks compatibility with pico in a minor way, but is consistent with all the 
other characters and isn't as annoying (try typing a line longer than the 
screen and adding a tab at the beginning; you wither have to add spaces or 
justify it to get it to wrap).  Is this appropriate or not?

nanongettext.patch: make nano --version display "--disable-nls" if nls isn't 
enabled, as suggested by Ken Tyler

nanopara.patch: in sync with CVS, as usual, and (afaict) working properly

nanowraproot.patch: same as above

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