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[Nano-devel] search history

From: Ken Tyler
Subject: [Nano-devel] search history
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 08:41:53 +1000


My search and replace history patch for nano is finished, quite small, it
adds around another 1600 bytes to nano (14k my config and PPC). The diffs
take about 2700 lines though.

Doesn't affect pico mode and in nano the only change is the up/down cursor
arrows step through previous search and replace strings (two separte

A couple of questions :

I've added functions to manage history lists in search.c, they could go in
utils.c but as nothing but search.c uses them, should they stay in
search.c or move to utils.c ?

Also, I've put protos for these functions in proto.h, the comment in
proto.c is /* Public functions in search.c */, they don't need to be
public but they are forward refs in search.c and need a proto somewhere.

Is proto.h supposed to contain all funtion protos, not just publically
needed protos ?

Who would like the patch ?


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