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[Nano-devel] Er, another big patch ...

From: David Benbennick
Subject: [Nano-devel] Er, another big patch ...
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 06:33:21 -0400
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There's another big patch at,
that I've been using since August or so.  There's one bit that
deliberately makes Nano diverge from Pico:

* The page up and page down keys are a little different.  From the middle
of a file, typing Page Up then Page Down puts the cursor and screen back
where they were.  So if you are typing, you can quickly glance up in the
file, and resume where you were.

Other features:

* Nano correctly handles binary characters in file names.  File names get
displayed in the status bar, title bar, tab completion display, and file

* Nano handles binary characters in replacement match text.  For
example, a file with the line 'address@hidden', do a regexp search-and-replace
for 'bob.bob', and Nano now displays the highlighted match correctly.

* Nano matches binary characters correctly with regexps.  For
example, the line 'color red [[:cntrl:]]' in the nanorc file now colors 
all control characters.

* Backwards search-and-replace had bugs.  For example, with the word
AAAAAAAA, doing backwards search on the letter A, replacing with anything,
only alternating As got replaced.

* Regexp search-and-replace had a bug in the substring-replacement
utility.  For example, with the line 'bobbobbobbob', do a regexp search
for '(bob)' and replace it with '\1\1\1'.  At the prompt, type A for all. 
Nano goes into an infinite loop!

* Trying to read an accessible character or block special file used to
leak a file descriptor.

* Toggling expert mode ^X used to leak memory.

* Tab completion works slightly better.  Also, at prompts like Search:
where tab completion doesn't apply, you can now enter a Tab character.

* Status messages like "Read %d lines." now do plurals correctly. 
Translation is done with ngettext().

* Nano now catches SIGTERM, so doing kill from the command line makes
things close gracefully.

* Nano now ignores the ^S key.

* The help window text scrolls smoothly with the up and down arrows.

* The Nano binary is 5K smaller, and the code is 1000 lines shorter.

Er, the patch is 300K.  I can break it up into about 4 pieces if people

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