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[Nano-devel] .11 release and new syntaxes

From: Chris Allegretta
Subject: [Nano-devel] .11 release and new syntaxes
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 09:58:24 -0700
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Hello all,

        Yes, .11 should be ready for release as of DLR's recent commit.  That
being said, I'd like to get some more syntaxes in the sample.nanorc before the
release.  I'm not very good at regexes, but I've been muddling through a perl
syntax (using vim as an example of how it should look), and I have the
following so far:

syntax "perl" ".*\.pl"
color brightcyan "\<$.*\>" "\<@.*\>"
color brightcyan "<[^= ]*>" "\<[A-Z_]{2,}\>"
color brightyellow "\<if\>" "\<while\>" "\<close\>" "\<open\>"
color brightyellow "\<shift\>" "\<unshift\>" "\<split\>" "\<die\>"
color brightyellow "\<print\>"
color brightmagenta ""(\\.|[^\"])*""
color brightblue "^( ){0,}#.*"

Note that the "\<$.*\>" "\<@.*\>" regexes dont work, though I don't understand
why.  I need that regex book :)  Anyway, I'd at least like to have syntaxes
for perl, html and maybe shell before the release (Monday night at this
point), if anyone would like to volunteer to do some for the sample.nanorc
that would be cool.  I'll take whatever we have by Monday night and release. 

Chris A
Chris Allegretta

"Share and Enjoy" - Douglas Adams, 1952 - 2001

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