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[Nano-devel] tabs to spaces patch

From: David Redick
Subject: [Nano-devel] tabs to spaces patch
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 15:21:52 -0400

this is for nano 1.0.9 (may work for other versions)

affects: nano.c, global.c, proto.h
adds option "-S" or "--tabspaces"

effect: went ever user hits tab key or ^i spaces are created instead of \t
the number of spaces depends on tabsize which can be changed
by "-T n" or "--tabsize=n"

Look at the do_char() function in nano.c
is there a better way to insert the spaces?

add option that overrides "-S" so that ^i will create tabs
but tab key still creates spaces.
I think this would be useful for Makefiles.

David Redick <address@hidden>
Clemson Linux User Group []
IRC [] #clug 

"Your lantern has gone out.
You are likely to be eaten by a grue."

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