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[Nano-devel] yet another patch update

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] yet another patch update
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 18:52:57 -0700 (PDT)

I haven't gotten to fixing the spell check/marking bug I
mentioned last time, but I've gotten some other fixes in.
The changes from last time are as follows:

* I fixed a minor cosmetic bug occurring during searching:
if more than one match was found on the same screen, the
previous match(es) wouldn't be updated.  This would only be
visible if the match was found at a point on the line longer
than the screen width; adding two calls to update_line() did
the trick.

* I mostly fixed a problem where control characters weren't
handled properly by actual_x(_from_start()).  To reproduce
it, just open a file with a few lines containing some
control characters, move the cursor to the end of a line,
and either (a) move down one line, and then move back up a
line; the previous position will be shifted to the left once
for every control character in the line (yes I know pico
does it this way, but it's very annoying), or (b) read in
another file in multibuffer mode and switch between the two
a few times; the cursor position will shift back a short
distance for each of the first few times you do this.  I've
gotten it to the point where it is only occasionally off by
one when moving up and down, but after a few hours of hacking
on it, I have yet to find a complete solution to what
initially looked like a simple problem.

* I made a few cosmetic cleanups to the code, none of which
change how the code works (spacing fixes, removal of
unneeded parentheses and blank lines, etc.).

* I changed all the instances of strcpy(something, "") to
something[0] = '\0', and all the instances of if
[!]strcmp(something, "") to if (something[0] [!=/==] '\0',
and made sure that some of the previous instances of it used
'\0' instead of 0; this appears to work the same way and
also saves the space of the strcmp/strcpy function call

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