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[Nano-devel] marking and multibuffers, continued

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] marking and multibuffers, continued
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 09:57:21 -0700 (PDT)

Never mind about the list of cursor placement differences
between pico and nano when inserting; it turned out that
it was due to the current x coordinate's changing during the
process of insertion.  I fixed it for non-multibuffer mode
by saving the current x coordinate when do_insertfile() is
first entered, and restoring it just before the edit window
is updated to account for the changed file contents; the
marked position is then properly retained (unlike pico) in
at least my preliminary tests.  Note, though, that (a) it
needs more testing, and (b) multibuffer mode insertion still
needs to be fixed to retain marking position.

The attached patch is nanocaeuidetc3.patch with the change
described above, plus a minor efficiency update
(do_gotopos() was called unnecessarily in one place in

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