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Re: [Nano-devel] 1.0.8 Memory leaks . . . and fixes

From: Rocco Corsi
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] 1.0.8 Memory leaks . . . and fixes
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 18:50:29 -0500
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Chris Allegretta wrote:

On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 09:07:26AM -0500, Rocco Corsi wrote:

Chris Allegretta wrote:
environment fixed I'll release as 1.0.9, so I guess now's the time to test or complain if I forgot something :-)

My patch for internal spell checker fixes wasn't applied.

Oh, I thought the patch was intended for 1.1 :)

For 1.1 YES.  For 1.0 that is up to you, but I think it should be applied.

A question, how is the open_pipe() going to be used? I didn't see any calls to the function. Is it a good idea to call "sh"? Should we call the binaries directly? Any security holes being opened? Just the paranoid in me talking!

You mean in the 1.1 branch? It's called by do_insertfile (^R^X is the keystroke). We probably should call the binaries directly but I dont think we could easily execute pipelines and etc. Im certainly no expert in this stuff so I yield to anyone who can do this in a more secure or clean fashion :)

The way it is now you could do some strange stuff like:

ps aux >rocco


sh   # <- this one will hang Nano

So how do we want to use this feature?  Allow anything?

Code used for internal spell check and open_pipe() does overlap. Should we be making a more generic function(s)? One where open_pipe() could be called to create a whole string of pipes, maybe to call the "sort -u" after "spell" is called.

Yeah I noticed that. I actually wanted to combine it with both spell and some way to let nano act like a pager (i.e. read from stdin then accept input from the kb), but I haven't had the time or will to do it yet ;-)

I could look into this.

I don't remember if I asked before, but is the -u flag to sort portable
across *nixes?

I did a very fast check on the Internet and the following (at least from the man pages I found) appear to support the -u on the sort:

386BSD 0.1
AIX 4.3
Darwin 1.3
FreeBSD 1.0 ---> 5.0
HP-UX 11.0
OpenBSD 2.1 ---> 3.0
OSF1 V4.0
OSF1 V5.1
NetBSD 1.0 ---> 1.5.2
Minix 2.0
Open Unix 8
Plan 9
SCO OPEN Server 5
Solaris 2.5
Solaris 2.6
Solaris 7
Solaris 8
SunOS 4.1.3
Ultrix 4.2
Unix Ware 7

Only confirmed OS that doesn't support it:

UNIX Seventh Edition   ;-)


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