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[Nano-devel] Demi Vitalis Vinyl Release

From: demivitalis
Subject: [Nano-devel] Demi Vitalis Vinyl Release
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 04:49:20

 Vinyl Release Newsletter

This month I am printing up a limited, vinyl package for four of my songs. This particular vinyl with the four songs will not be sold on the store shelves. It is only being offered to select DJs and all the VIP members for This is being considered a white label test pressing. You will have great music that no one else will be able to get for a while.

As a VIP member, you will be able to get all 4 songs at once on one pressing and way before anyone else has it. I am accepting orders for it right now and I am only going to charge $9.95 for it... (basically covers my costs). I will be accepting orders for the vinyl only through February 28th 2002. After which, I will press all ordered vinyl and ship them out. If you miss the deadline... I cannot accept your order because I will not be able to include your order when I do the pressing.... you will have to wait for the general public releases.

Order for $9.95
Checks are also accepted
(I am using PayPal to accept payments for secure shopping)

You may also send payment via regular postal mail.
Please email address@hidden for the mailing address.

If you would like to hear the CD versions of the songs, I have included links below. Please note that the Vinyl versions are mixed differently and are much more progressive and DJ friendly. The songs are as follows:
The Deeper You Fly (House)
Warm & Horny (House)
Side B
Hardcore Mother Fucker (Breakbeat / Techno)
White Boy; Black Girl (Breakbeat - Bigbeat / House)

After the initial white label test pressing, each individual song will be released by itself and each song will be released month by month over a period of four months. I do not plan on releasing the songs until this summer.

The songs on the vinyl are very much different from the versions that will be released on the album when it is released this summer and that I have made available through downloads. The vinyl versions are very DJ able and very progressive. In other words, the music will make your audience dance their ass off to be frank.

Also, if any of you ever want to chat, I setup an aol instant message account for you guys. I sign on occasionally when I am at home watching the boob tube so you can add me to your buddy list. My AIM name is "shaka0070"

If you no longer want to be a VIP member, you can cancel your VIP account.


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