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[Nano-devel] Nano version with GUI (Win/Mac) compatible key mappings and

From: Oddmund Mogedal
Subject: [Nano-devel] Nano version with GUI (Win/Mac) compatible key mappings and selection
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 12:45:23 +0100

I have always wanted a linux console editor with (as far as possible) the same command keyboard mappings I am used to from Windows and Mac editors.
I believe quite a few people use pico/nano because the basic interaction is fairly similar to GUI editors. Some of them would probably (like me) prefer a console editor which is even more similar to what they are used to (Ctrl-C for copy, Ctrl-V for paste, Ctrl-S for save etc.).
I believe a good version could be made with only changes of command keyboard mappings and an additional selection/mark mode (Alt + cursor movement keys). 
I have looked at parts of the mailing list archives without finding this idea discussed.
Before submitting a proposal to the mailing list, I thought I would ask you if the idea has been discussed before, and also whether you think such an optional "GUI-command compatibility" mode for nano would be "politically acceptable" within the project.

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