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[myexperiment-hackers] FogBugz (Case 99006) Inbox - did the URIs for wor

From: bugs
Subject: [myexperiment-hackers] FogBugz (Case 99006) Inbox - did the URIs for workflows change?
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 20:27:59 +0100

A case which you opened has been resolved ( Resolved (Responded) ) in FogBugz. 
It is your responsibility to verify the resolution and close or reactivate the 

From:         David Newman
Case ID:      99006
Title:        did the URIs for workflows change?
Project:      Inbox
Area:         Undecided
Priority:     3 - Very Important
Release:      Current


Last message:
Hi Egon,

I have been considering doing the owl:sameAs you suggest.  However, I have been 
trying to figure out the most appropriate way to do this as there are a number 
of issues that I must resolve first.  I am quite happy to have a chat with you 
over Skype to elaborate on these issues, if you are interested.  I fear if I 
try to describe them here I will confuse both you and myself. 


David Newman

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