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[myexperiment-hackers] FogBugz (Case 1105) Inbox - Annunci Urgenti Onlin

From: bugs
Subject: [myexperiment-hackers] FogBugz (Case 1105) Inbox - Annunci Urgenti Online
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 19:06:33 +0100

A new case was assigned to you in FogBugz.

From:         Newsletter <address@hidden>
Case ID:      1105
Title:        Annunci Urgenti Online
Project:      Inbox
Area:         Undecided
Priority:     3 - Very Important
Release:      Current


A mail notification has been received from: Newsletter <address@hidden>.
Email Subject: Annunci Urgenti Online



Vi informiamo che sul sito  รจ possibile:

1.  Inserire Annunci Urgenti Gratis senza limiti

2.  Chattare gratis

3.  Registrare il sito ...

If you do not want to receive automatic notifications from FogBugz anymore, 
change your preferences in the Options screen. 

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