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[myexperiment-hackers] FogBugz (Case 546) Inbox - myExperiment feedback

From: bugs
Subject: [myexperiment-hackers] FogBugz (Case 546) Inbox - myExperiment feedback from Splaisan (address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 16:41:51 +0000

A case was reactivated and assigned to you in FogBugz.

From:         Jiten Bhagat
Case ID:      546
Title:        myExperiment feedback from Splaisan (address@hidden)
Project:      Inbox
Area:         Undecided
Priority:     2 - URGENT
Release:      Current


Last message:

1) I don't think you sent the message to the person.

2) Don't set the user account to "confirmed" without any confirmation from the 
use - we have no way of knowing whether this request really coincides with the 
account he has mentioned. It could be a potential phishing attack.


If you do not want to receive automatic notifications from FogBugz anymore, 
change your preferences in the Options screen. 

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