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Re: [Mustux-devel] it is required/saver to patent jmb ?

From: Luciano Giordana
Subject: Re: [Mustux-devel] it is required/saver to patent jmb ?
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:46:35 -0400
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Also, we have (remember Reinhard ?) the ideia that JMB will be integrated with 
some kind
of internal language, so There is many stuff still to be done.

I believe we will be possible to type in a protux internal command line prompt 
something like

emit <<U>>
mute 1
from 0 to 201382 : play

and somethings like that

Best Regards
Luciano Giordana - Musician - Certified Java/GNU C++ Developer - Free Software 
Project Mustux -
-- GNU/Linux adoption grew 65% only this yer. Smile : we're winning. --

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