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[Muddleftpd-users] Makefile.defs

From: Joerg Jaspert
Subject: [Muddleftpd-users] Makefile.defs
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 01:12:38 +0200
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Anybode using the option to change the installed names of
muddleftpd-programs in Makefile.defs?
I already got the NEWMALLOC and DEBUG thing into the configure script
as options and now Im thinking if I should do that with them too.
Then i could drop Makefile.defs.
I could enter them as
- Variables. eg you run MUDPRG=muddle ./configure to get muddleftpd
  installed as muddle. Same for the others.
- --with options. eg. --with-muddleftpd=muddle to install it as muddle.

Or we could fully drop this if nobody uses this options.

Especially because there is the following available (normal configure
stuff :) ):
Program names:
  --program-prefix=PREFIX            prepend PREFIX to installed program names
  --program-suffix=SUFFIX            append SUFFIX to installed program names
  --program-transform-name=PROGRAM   run sed PROGRAM on installed program names

(eg running configure with --program-prefix=AA gets installed programs
as AAprogram, suffix likewise and with -transform you can do anything
sed is able :) ).

What do you think?

(Well, this all happens in a branch (not committed yet). Not clear if
Beau accepts it for MAIN. I ask after Im finished with it and like
it. But it has some nice additions, so I hope he does. :) )

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
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