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[Muddleftpd-users] features, ideas, etc

From: Oskar Liljeblad
Subject: [Muddleftpd-users] features, ideas, etc
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 21:05:42 +0200
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I'd like the see the following features implemented in muddleftpd.
I'm writing this letter not to request but because I'd like to hear
your thoughts about them.

  Immediate transfer rate changing
    Support for changing transfer rates on connections as soon as
    the maxspeed in the config is changed and it is reloaded.
    (At the moment you have to disconnect the users to update the

  List ratio and bytes transferred for all userse
    I don't know if this is possible, but it should be possible
    (if ratio is enabled) to see how much a user has down- and
    uploaded. Without logging in as this user manually.

  Translate/escape certain characters in log files
    I've seen log entries that covered multiple lines because
    the user put in a newline character by mistake in some
    filename. (I don't know how he made it but I still have
    the logs as proof, I think.) So the solution here would be
    to escape or translate non-printable character in the log

  Files with non-printable characters cannot be CD'd to
    Muddleftpd strips all non-printable characters from
    user commands, therefore it is possible to list these
    directories/files but not CDing to/downloading them.
    One solution would be to have muddleftpd use the current
    locale and use isprint. But I think a better solution
    would be to simply strip nothing.


Oskar Liljeblad (address@hidden)

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