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[Muddleftpd-users] Todo List Items for muddleftpd

From: Joerg Jaspert
Subject: [Muddleftpd-users] Todo List Items for muddleftpd
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 17:40:18 +0200
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Looking at my archive from the old list there are some people that said
they want to help keep muddleftpd alive. Now its time to speak up (not
only with todo list items), join the devel team if you really want
development go on. :)
No you dont need to be a programmer. We need people (re)writing the
documentation and working on the website.

I collect some items for the TODO List for muddleftpd. Please add
everything you find useful. (First 6 items are from existing TODO file,
everything that has no (done) after it, some others are from the old
list archive i have).

- Authenication Tokens. This is to reduce the chance of someone using
  a dictionary based attack against the server. (simple support in 1.1.1.b0)
- Password changing in server. (FOR V2.0)
- Adding Commands using Dynamic linking. (FOR V2.0 or later) 
- Encypted FTP (FOR V2.0)
- Upload Notification via mail (FOR V2.0)
- Improved ACL support (FOR V2.0) (partially done)
- Website. There is none on savannah yet. I can just import the old
  site, but maybe one will go on and do a complete redesign?
- Documentation rewrite. 
- Add support for syslog and drop own log stuff. Or maybe move log
  things into a module with defined interface, so it can be replaced
  with a configure switch to log to syslog/multilog/file/etc.
- Add authentication against all sort of databases that we dont have
  yet (sql, ldap, file db, everything you can imagine, smb). They should
  be in muddleftpd source-tarball in a special directory, compiled if a
  configure option --with-MODULE-XX is used. IMO.

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
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