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[mtpchat2-dev] No investment needed.

From: hendrick cresswell
Subject: [mtpchat2-dev] No investment needed.
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 11:07:47 +0000

While sunlight is cheap, harnessing it is currently too expensive to be worthwhile on a 
large scale. For four years, McGehee and his graduate students have been working to make 
it cheaper to convert sunlight into electricity. While the silicon-based solar cells 
currently used generate electricity at $3/Watt, McGehee is aiming for nanostructured 
solar cells that are ten times cheaper at $.30/Watt. Once fully developed, McGehee's 
solar cells would be lower cost because the materials are cheaper. Moreover, they would 
be more lightweight and flexible so that "you could roll them out over 
rooftops," says McGehee.

Big international commercial organization is looking for talented, honest, reliable representatives from different regions. The ideal candidate will be an intelligent person, someone who can work autonomously with a high degree of enthusiasm. We are looking for highly motivated professionals, with experience in marketing field. The position is home-based. We offer a part-time position with flexible working hours. And we would be happy to consider a full-time job share candidate. Our Company offers a very competitive salary to the successful candidate, along with an unrivalled career progression opportunity. If you think you have what it takes to take on this challenge and would like to apply please send the following information to: address@hidden 1) Full name 2) Contact phone numbers 3) Part time job/Full time You do not need to invest any sum of money and we do not ask you to provide us with your bank account requisites! We are engaged in completely legal activity. The preference is given to employees with knowledge of foreign languages. Thank you and we are looking forward to cooperate in long term base with you. If you received this message in error, or would like to unsubscribe, please send a blank email to: address@hidden

Sizing Up Nanotechnology by Kristine Mak Yu The backtracking movement of RNA 
polymerase can be followed using optical tweezers.

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