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[Monotone-devel] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 1.0 released

From: Richard Levitte
Subject: [Monotone-devel] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 1.0 released
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 11:30:50 +0100 (CET)

Monotone 1.0 is out!

We, the monotone developers, are very proud to release version 1.0 of
our distributed version control system.

This is a major milestone, and a lot of effort has been made to make
this release a reality.  It contains quite a number of bug fixes,
changes and new features.  The tarball can be downloaded here [0],
binaries are posted on the same page as they come in.

Following is the relevant part of the NEWS [1] file:

Sat Mar 26 10:53:47 UTC 2011

        1.0 release.


        - The database scheme was changed; please execute 'mtn db migrate'
          on all your local and remote databases.

        - In 'mtn conflicts resolve_first interactive', the result
          file name now defaults to _MTN/resolutions/<left_path>.
          (fixes monotone issue 103)

        - The French monotone translation has been updated and is
          now part of the main distribution again. Many thanks to
          Steve Petruzzello <address@hidden> for the outstanding

        - get_netsync_(read|write)_permitted have been extended to not
          only read the files read-permissions and write-permissions,
          but also the files in the subdirectories read-permissions.d
          and write-permissions.d.

        - monotone now also tracks the workspaces of databases which
          do not reside in a "managed" location.

        - automate now resets the locale to "POSIX" internally.  This
          means that all scripts can expect the same untranslated
          messages from mtn automate, regardless of the locale of the
          calling process.

        - The hook 'get_netsync_key' has been split up into two separate
          hooks, one for client usage ('get_netsync_client_key', with
          the same arguments as the original 'get_netsync_key') and one
          for server usage ('get_netsync_server_key', with a single table
          argument containing all the given '--bind' options).  Please
          review your custom hooks accordingly.

        - Short options ('-b', '-d', ...) are no longer completed.  This
          fixes an invariant failure originating from wrong option usage.
          (closes monotone issue 141)

        New Features

        - 'mtn conflicts store' now outputs a count of the conflicts,
          and the name of the conflicts file.
          (fixes monotone issue 108)

        - New 'mtn list workspaces' command which outputs all the
          known workspaces for a specific database.
          (closes monotone issue 129)

        Bugs fixed

        - The internal line merger will actually preserve your line
          endings now, instead of changing everything to "\n".

        - Improved the help and fixed the argument indexing in
          'conflicts resolve_first' (fixes monotone issue 101)

        - A regression from 0.48 prevented monotone from ordering the
          diff output of individual files alphabetically.
          (fixes monotone issue 102)

        - 'mtn privkey' did not recognize private keys solely available
          in the key store. This has been fixed.

        - Added compatibility with Botan 1.9.9 and newer.
          (fixes monotone issue 104)

        - 'mtn pull' and 'mtn sync' would always say that your workspace
          has not been updated.  Now, it only does that when you used
          the '--update' option and there were no updates.
          (fixes monotone issue 106)

        - 'mtn automate remote' and 'mtn automate remote_stdio' now use
          a given database given by an alias to read, store and validate
          a remote server's key fingerprint (fixes monotone issue 95)

        - monotone gives a proper error message now if a netsync URI
          with the 'mtn' scheme misses the required host part
          (fixes monotone issue 110)

        - Whenever a binary file was removed and one would try to get
          a diff using mtn diff, it would report that "/dev/null is
          binary".  This has been changed to it reports the actual
          name of the removed file instead.
          (fixes monotone issue 111)

        - monotone no longer wrongly falls back on a :memory: database
          when no database option is given. It also prints out an
          informational message for commands like 'setup' and 'clone'
          that fall back on the configured default database, again,
          if no database is specified for these commands.
          (fixes monotone issue 113)

        - If 'mtn serve' is called with one or more '--bind' options,
          then the arguments to these options can now be specified
          again as follows:

                to listen to IP or host on the default port
                to listen to IP or host on the specified port  - or
                to listen on all interfaces on the specified port

          (fixes monotone issue 119)

        - monotone no longer enforces ".mtn" as file extension for
          managed databases.  A new Lua hook, get_default_database_glob(),
          is used instead to determine a pattern which matches
          accepted database filenames and this pattern by default
          accept files ending with both, ".mtn" and ".db".
          (fixes monotone issue 128)

        - monotone now gives a proper error message when an incomplete
          or partial identifier contains non-hex digits.
          (fixes monotone issue 143)

        - Performance of "mtn ls changed" has been improved and is now
          comparable to "mtn status". (fixes monotone issue 120)


        - The source tree has been reorganized. Sources, tests and
          documentation now reside in specific directories and many
          smaller improvements in terms of source code cleanup,
          developer documentation and general build infrastructure
          accompany this big change.


        - Added a new directory extra/, which contains monotone hooks and
          related scripts that have been shown to work.  Most of these get
          installed, usually somewhere under $(prefix)/share/monotone.
          Please read extra/README for further information.

        - Added the mtn-cleanup Perl script that returns a workspace to its
          pristine state with the minimum amount of change. This script is
          in the extra/bin directory.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!

On behalf of the monotone team,
Richard Levitte


Richard Levitte                         address@hidden

"Life is a tremendous celebration - and I'm invited!"
-- from a friend's blog, translated from Swedish

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