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Re: [Monotone-debian] Monotone tests failing under Debian automated buil

From: Ludovic Brenta
Subject: Re: [Monotone-debian] Monotone tests failing under Debian automated building
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 12:30:45 +0200
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Markus Wanner writes:
> On 04/29/2012 10:53 AM, Markus Wanner wrote:
>> Shall I upload to mentors? Or how do I best help?

The best way for you to continue helping is to get write permission on
org.debian.monotone and commit yourself.  Who is in charge of the
permissions on that database, again?

> Let's keep it simple: here's a patch (against the org.debian.monotone
> branch).

Thanks a lot for this.  I applied it on the branch as monotone 1.0-6 but
I'll wait for Francis to OK this revision before I upload it.  In the
mean time, 1.0-5 is already on the buildds :/

> Please note the doc change - and feel free to comment about it. I'm
> unsure.

I'll leave that to Francis.

Ludovic Brenta.

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