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Re: [Monotone-debian] monotone 1.0-4

From: Francis Russell
Subject: Re: [Monotone-debian] monotone 1.0-4
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 00:11:54 +0100
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On 25/03/12 22:49, Ludovic Brenta wrote:

> Thanks a lot for that.  I see three other outstanding bugs, two of which
> have patches.  Do you want to ignore these bug reports or should I wait
> until you apply the patches before I upload?

I would like to see the Hurd issue fixed, but I'd like to see it done
upstream. There is a patch, but I don't like it that much and think the
issue could be handled more cleanly.

The Botan stuff is more important, but looking at the cited bug report,
there isn't actually a patch yet. The last comment by Richard on 3 March
still suggest that the monotone test suite still has issues when using
Botan 1.10.

I didn't notice the FTBFS with the hardened build flags bug. I've
switched monotone to use debhelper compatibility level 9 which causes
the build flags to be correctly included in the build again (that
functionality was removed from dpkg-buildpackage a while ago) and
backported the upstream fix.

Please upload that version.


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