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Re: [Monotone-debian] monotone removed from testing; shall we disable ch

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Re: [Monotone-debian] monotone removed from testing; shall we disable checks and upload?
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 11:20:16 -0700

On 9/22/07, Ludovic Brenta <address@hidden> wrote:
> Monotone was removed from testing on 2007-09-02 and I see no new
> upstream version on the horion and no progress on resolving the test
> failures despite Zack's best attempts.

Mostly this is because I've been swamped with other work, although it
*would* really help if I had access to any of the problem

> In the mean time, boost has entered testing and gc++-4.2 became the
> default C++ compiler on 2007-09-14 in testing on all architectures
> except m68k.

According to boost has
*not* entered testing, and there's still a huge list of blockers at too.

I have *finally* found code I might be able to adapt to do globbing
without boost::regex, so hopefully 0.37 will be decoupled from boost,
but I don't know when Richard plans to do the next release or whether
I'll have the time to do the necessary adaptation.

> How about uploading monotone 0.36-2 with the checks disabled, so it
> has a chance to enter testing?

I think this would be a disservice to the users of the platforms where
the tests fail; the binary is comprehensively broken for those
targets, and since it's a stack corruption bug, I'm not really happy
with it for the targets where it appears to work, either.

FWIW the problem seems to be somewhere inside sqlite.


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