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[Monotone-debian] Re: Request assistance with monotone package on alpha,

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: [Monotone-debian] Re: Request assistance with monotone package on alpha, hppa, mipsel, powerpc, s390
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 19:55:09 -0700

On 9/4/07, Carlos O'Donell <address@hidden> wrote:
> Of 446 tests run:
>         0 succeeded
>         444 failed
> Every test failed.
> Something seems to be fundamentally broken.

Yup, that's what the buildd did.

> Do you have a recipe for debugging these?

Well, to start with, have a look at tester_dir/tester.log in the build
tree.  That will have the detailed log from every test that failed
(after a repeat of the summary that was printed on the terminal).  You
should only need to look at the first few lines of the first detailed
log -- probably this is just one bug causing the main mtn executable
to crash all the time.  You'll see something like this (this is a
snippet from a failure on another architecture):

runcmd: /home/sven/debian/monotone-0.36/mtn, local_redir = false,
requested = nil
db_check_and_non-serious_errors:2: /home/sven/debian/monotone-0.36/mtn
address@hidden db init

mtn: error: sqlite error: database or disk is full

Check failed (return value): wanted 0 got 1

If it's complaining about an sqlite error, then the thing to do is run
the failing command under strace; if it's getting a segfault or an
invariant failure, a GDB backtrace is more useful.

Also, as I said originally, just tarring up and sending me tester_dir
is helpful.

Also also, I *hope* this isn't it, but you can try commenting out the
#define BOOST_SP_DISABLE_THREADS in base.hh and rebuilding.


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