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[Monotone-debian] Re: Request assistance with monotone package on alpha,

From: Carlos O'Donell
Subject: [Monotone-debian] Re: Request assistance with monotone package on alpha, hppa, mipsel, powerpc, s390
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 12:36:25 -0400

On 9/3/07, Zack Weinberg <address@hidden> wrote:
> I would therefore greatly appreciate assistance with these bugs.  If
> you have time to debug the thing yourself and send patches to
> address@hidden, that is of course the most helpful thing
> you could do.  Failing that, the next most helpful possibility is if
> you are willing to grant me access (unprivileged only is fine) to a
> machine under your control, and install monotone's build-dependencies
> on that machine.  If you can't do that either, at the least we might
> have a chance of guessing what the problem is if you built the package
> to the point where it fails (using a method that does not destroy the
> build tree when the build fails), then tar up the tester_dir/
> directory and the "mtn" binary and send them to me.

dpkg-buildpackage: source package is monotone
dpkg-buildpackage: source version is 0.36-1
dpkg-buildpackage: source changed by Zack Weinberg <address@hidden>
dpkg-buildpackage: host architecture hppa
dpkg-buildpackage: source version without epoch 0.36-1

Linux firin 2.6.20-gfb60ab85-dirty #42 Mon May 7 15:36:50 EDT 2007
parisc64 GNU/Linux

Running unit tests...
    basic_io:binary_transparency                  ok
    charset:idna_encoding                         ok
    charset:utf8_validation                       ok
    commands:command_complete_command             ok
    commands:command_find_command                 ok
    commands:complete_command                     ok
    commands:make_command_id                      ok
    crypto:calculate_ident                        ok
    cset:basic_csets                              ok
    cset:cset_written                             ok
    cset:invalid_csets                            ok
    cset:root_dir                                 ok
    date:from_string                              ok
    date:from_unix_epoch                          ok
    diff_patch:merge_additions                    ok
    diff_patch:merge_append                       ok
    diff_patch:merge_deletions                    ok
    diff_patch:merge_prepend                      ok
    diff_patch:randomizing_merge                  ok
    globish:checked_globish_to_regex              ok
    globish:combine_and_check_globish             ok
    globish:globish_matcher                       ok
    graph:get_uncommon_ancestors_nasty_convexity_case ok
    graph:get_uncommon_ancestors_randomly         ok
    graph:random_get_reconstruction_path          ok
    key:arc4                                      ok
    key:signature_round_trip                      ok
    netcmd:functions                              ok
    netcmd:mac                                    ok
    option:concrete_options                       ok
    outdated_indicator:                           ok
    packet:roundabout                             ok
    paths:access_tracker                          ok
    paths:basename                                ok
    paths:bookkeeping                             ok
    paths:depth                                   ok
    paths:dirname                                 ok
    paths:file_path_external_null_prefix          ok
    paths:file_path_external_prefix__MTN          ok
    paths:file_path_external_prefix_a_b           ok
    paths:file_path_internal                      ok
    paths:ordering                                ok
    paths:ordering_random                         ok
    paths:path_component                          ok
    paths:system                                  ok
    paths:test_external_string_is_bookkeeping_path_prefix__MTN ok
    paths:test_external_string_is_bookkeeping_path_prefix_a_b ok
    paths:test_external_string_is_bookkeeping_path_prefix_none ok
    paths:test_internal_string_is_bookkeeping_path ok
    pipe:simple_pipe                              ok
    refiner:various_counts                        ok
    restrictions:empty_restriction                ok
    restrictions:exclude_include                  ok
    restrictions:include_depth_0                  ok
    restrictions:include_depth_0_empty_restriction ok
    restrictions:include_depth_1                  ok
    restrictions:include_exclude                  ok
    restrictions:invalid_roster_paths             ok
    restrictions:invalid_workspace_paths          ok
    restrictions:simple_exclude                   ok
    restrictions:simple_include                   ok
    rev_height:children                           ok
    rev_height:comparisons                        ok
    rev_height:count_up                           ok
    revision:find_old_new_path_for                ok
    roster:all_0_scalar_parent_mark_scenarios     ok
    roster:all_1_scalar_parent_mark_scenarios     ok
    roster:all_2_scalar_parent_mark_scenarios     ok
    roster:bad_attr                               ok
    roster:check_sane_against                     ok
    roster:check_sane_roster                      ok
    roster:check_sane_roster_loop                 ok
    roster:check_sane_roster_screwy_dir_map       ok
    roster:die_die_die_merge                      ok
    roster:random_actions                         ok
    roster:residual_attr_mark_scenario            ok
    roster:same_nid_diff_type                     ok
    roster:unify_rosters_end_to_end_attr_corpses  ok
    roster:unify_rosters_end_to_end_ids           ok
    roster:unify_rosters_randomized_tempids       ok
    roster:unify_rosters_randomized_trueids       ok
    roster:write_roster                           ok
    roster_merge:attr_lifecycle                   ok
    roster_merge:complex_structural_conflicts     ok
    roster_merge:node_lifecycle                   ok
    roster_merge:scalar_merges                    ok
    roster_merge:simple_structural_conflicts      ok
    simplestring_xform:caseconv                   ok
    simplestring_xform:join_lines                 ok
    simplestring_xform:join_words                 ok
    simplestring_xform:split_into_words           ok
    simplestring_xform:strip_ws                   ok
    string_queue:string_queue                     ok
    transform:calculate_ident                     ok
    transform:corruption_check                    ok
    transform:enc                                 ok
    transform:rdiff                               ok
    uri:uri                                       ok
    vocab:verify_hexenc_id                        ok
    widen:widen                                   ok
    xdelta:random_piecewise_delta                 ok
    xdelta:random_simple_delta                    ok
    xdelta:rolling_sanity_check                   ok
    xdelta:simple_cases                           ok

Of 104 tests run:
        104 succeeded
        0 failed
PASS: unit_tests
Running tests...
  1 isolated-1                                    ok
  2 isolated-2                                    ok
  3 cleanup-1                                     ok
  4 cleanup-2                                     ok
  5 remove-unwriteable                            ok

Of 5 tests run:
        5 succeeded
        0 failed
        0 had expected failures
        0 succeeded unexpectedly
        0 were skipped
PASS: run_tester_tests
This test suite cannot be run as the root user.
Please try again with a normal user account.
FAIL: run_lua_tests
1 of 3 tests failed
Please report to address@hidden

Can you provide a recipe for debugging the run_lua_tests failures?


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