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[Monotone-debian] MAIL FROM AZUKA

From: azuka kumar
Subject: [Monotone-debian] MAIL FROM AZUKA
Date: 01 Sep 2007 02:29:59 -0700

Sei stato invitato a:   MAIL FROM AZUKA
Dall'organizzatore:   azuka kumar
Messaggio:   Dear Business Partner,
My name is Azuka Kumar , the Chairman of Independent Committee on Unclaimed Foreign Funds(I.C.U.F.F),Senegal. ICUFF is charged with the responsibility of finding foreign bank accounts abbroad belonging to our late citizens which have remained dormant/unclaimed over the years.
It may interest you to know that In 2003, the Netherlands Banker's Association published a list of dormant accounts originally owned by non citizens. Some of these dormant accounts belonged to late citizens of the Senegal. The continuing efforts of the Independent Committee on Unclaimed Foreign Funds(I.C.U.F.F) has since resulted in the discovery of additional dormant accounts,securities accounts,safe deposit boxes,custody accounts,non interest bearing accounts.
A routine notification has been sent from a security firm in Netherland to my office to make available a beneficiary for the claim of a US$12.5 million belonging to one of our late citizens .The depositor died several years back leaving no possible records for trace of heirs.

I need a foreign partner to HELP claim this deposit as the beneficiary.You will be required to provide me with your details for the processing of the necessary legal, and administrative claim documents for your claim in the Netherlands.Provide me with your full name, address, and telephone/fax. I am willing to pay all required fees that will enable proccessing of the needed documents that will enable your claim from the Security Firm so you can confirm the genuiness of this transaction.SEEING IS BELEIVING.

I am pledging to give you some percentage of the total value of the said deposit for your assistance .As soon as this is concluded arrangement are on ground to meet with you for the disbursement and start a viable business with my part of this funds .


I want you to contact me through my personal email:address@hidden
Thank you for your prompt response.
Azuka Kumar
Data:   sabato, 1 settembre 2007
Ora:   10:00 - 11:00  (GMT +01:00)
Luogo:   Azuka Kumar
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