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[Monotone-debian] I hope that this explains my problem and that someone

From: shalisha Feygin
Subject: [Monotone-debian] I hope that this explains my problem and that someone has experienced this before.
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 20:33:38 +0200

T*h'i.s g*e*m is re ally movable'!.!

T+h-i+s o*n-e is reall_y profitabl,e!!_!

H.a v*e y+o'u b-e'e.n watch-i ng t*h-i+s f o r t_h_e l_a*s't w*e'e*k*?

T a'k,e a l+o*o*k at it:
rec+ent n'e w_s releas,+es s*e,n t ge+nerat-ing growi'ng interes' t in C*Y*T_V

Co-mpan'y: CHI-NA YO+UTV C-O'R+P (-O_T C BB:C YTV..OB) S t o c k: C'Y-T+V Cu.rrent Pric.e: $-.,4,9 4_t-h Stra'i,ght d a*y,s we h a+v*e s_e.e n t.h+i.s climb_. (*S*e'e Y,ahoo C* hart-New N*e_w_s releas'e)

T-h*i.s o n*e h_a's h.a-d n-i*c*e ret-urns f o+r in*ves-tors o,v+e_r t*h,e 
su_mmer, and

n+o'w s-hows pr+omise to beg'in a seco_nd w+a*v-e of return_s.

K_e*e+p a e'y*e o'u,t aga+in on Wedne's'day A'u+g 15.'...

T,h'i_s w-i*l l t*a_k*e y_o.u to Prox'om,itron's Matchi,*ng T-e_s.t Wind*ow 
whe're y+o-u c+a n che ck to s,e.e w,h-a-t y'o-u-r filte_r w,i'l_l do.
T+here a+r'e bDrive- Cnt s u_c+h rec.or'ds, p*laced sequential+-ly in mem'ory. Whil_e t h'e c'o+d e i_ndiscriminantl-y cal*ls memc,p y() on t_h e N*U-L L point,e.r, t*h-e c.a l*l is ben*ign b'ecause t h*e l+ength pass ed to m emcp+y() is z e'r'o.. W*h.a-t h*a's fuel+ed m_u+c+h of t'h-a't grow'th h a's b+e+e,n t.h_e ex-plosio.n of n+e'w possi+b ilities f o+r connections--among p eople, amon g d+iffer_ent form erl*y d-is+crete packag 'es of i+*nformation, a'mong i deas. T h+e m*e'n'u i.t+e m g'e+t,s t.h-e se_lecte+d n+o+d,e f*r,o*m = t-h+e Tr,ee, veri_f+ies t_h-a*t it c*a_n be exp*a-nded or collap-,sed, a.n,d t-h+e_n = Expa,nd.

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