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Re: [Monotone-debian] Patch: do not blindly delete /var/lib/monotone on

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Re: [Monotone-debian] Patch: do not blindly delete /var/lib/monotone on purge
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 13:30:30 -0700

On 7/13/07, Ludovic Brenta <address@hidden> wrote:
Because the directory may contain other databases.  I just lost all of
my databases :/ luckily, monotone being distributed, I could restore
them quickly.  Still I'll have to fetch a couple of private databases
from backup.

Eeek!  Thanks for catching that.  I don't use the server stuff at all.

Zack, looking at net.venge.monotone, I don't see how you create your
packages; the latest revision of the debian/ subdirectory also
contains source files much later than 0.35.  How do you do it?  Have
you got a private database for the debian scripts?  I would have
expected n.v.m to have several heads, one of which a direct descendent
of t:monotone-0.35, with only changes to the Debian scripts.

Presently, the content of the Debian diff is not under version
control.  Not good, I know, but given that we are modifying (which is in the tarball, but not in the database) I can't
think of a good way around it.  I merge all changes up to head of
n.v.m, as far as they make sense.  Starting with 0.36 (we won't have
to modify in 0.36) I plan to make a branch to track the
contents of the diff.  (Not just an anonymous head on n.v.m - that's
abnormal usage and would trip up everyone else.)

Since the topic has come up, I wonder if we ought to do as is
recommended in various places, and prune the debian/ directory out of
the tarball altogether, possibly even take it off n.v.m.

I'm ready to upload with the patch below.  Any objections?  Otherwise,
please apply it for future uploads.

Go ahead.  I'll incorporate into my local copy and forward-merge to
n.v.m later today.


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