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Re: bug or user error using ping

From: Paul Theodoropoulos
Subject: Re: bug or user error using ping
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2023 11:12:40 -0800
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My apologies, yes, I'm running Monit v 5.33.0. I'll follow up with support.

I'm still curious about the questions I posed regarding response time/timeout and their interactions.

On 11/6/2023 1:19 AM, M/Monit Support wrote:
Hello Paul,

which Monit version it is?(the ping response time requires Monit 5.33.0)

Is it possible to get a ping network trace between Monit and the monitored machine and send it to once the problem occurs, along with the Monit log?

It may also help to run Monit in debug mode (it'll log all ping tests, including the count, and response time).

Best regards,
The M/Monit team

On 5. 11. 2023, at 19:23, Paul Theodoropoulos via This is the general mailing list for monit <> wrote:

Greetings. I'm using monit to check a device on my local lan to ensure it's responsive. This is what I was previously using:
check host resolver2 address
every 5 cycles
if failed ping4
then exec /usr/local/bin/pushover
repeat every 2 cycles

At random in the middle of the night, I'd occasionally get an alert that ping failed. Device was up and responsive. Modified it to:
check host resolver2 address
every 5 cycles
if failed ping4 count 5 timeout 5 seconds
then exec /usr/local/bin/pushover
repeat every 2 cycles

Which seemed to work for a while, but the failures returned. So modified it to this:
check host resolver2 address
every 5 cycles
if failed ping4 count 5 responsetime 200 milliseconds timeout 10 seconds
then exec /usr/local/bin/pushover
repeat every 2 cycles

However, this causes an immediate failure with 'Speed failed'. I increased responsetime to 1 second, same. Increased to 10 seconds, same. The specific error logged is
NovĀ  5 09:52:45 ntpviz monit[676]: 'resolver2' response time 6.173 ms doesn't match limit [time = 10 s]
I may be misunderstanding the difference - or the interaction - between responsetime and timeout. The device is just a raspberry pi zero, with a typical responsetime under 10ms, and never under appreciable load.

The manual states
The RESPONSETIME parameter sets the response time limit
Is that the response time limit for any given ping, or if for example I use a count of five, is it the time limit for all five attempts accumulated? Even if it were the latter, since the device is reachable in under 10ms, a count of five - assuming 1 second between each ping sent (is that a correct assumption, or are they sent without pause?) - would still complete in well under 10 seconds.

For reference, here's the results of a 60 second ping from the monit server to the device:
root@ntpVIZ: /etc/monit/conf.d # ping -c 60
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
--- ping statistics ---
60 packets transmitted, 60 received, 0% packet loss, time 59094ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 2.342/6.376/13.879/2.335 ms

Thanks for any insight.
Paul Theodoropoulos

Paul Theodoropoulos

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