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Re: Re: Re: SSL

From: Anders Yuran
Subject: Re: Re: Re: SSL
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 15:18:51 +0300

Thank you!
I will have a look. The server should be upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 but I hesitate because we run a very busy eshop on it and I have no guts to risk the move. Anyhow I will have a testmove to another server. If that works we will make the move and the problem is gone

Thanks you very much

Regards Anders Yuran

Den tors 2 juli 2020 15:03 <> skrev:


from my point of view Ubuntu 16.04 should support the newest version, monit 5.27.0.

Several old and new monit packages are available on

or you get the latest version from


These are tar.gz archive files and bind to an more or less up to date openssl.

The additional files and configuration samples bundled with the the monit dep archive are not available, but the configuration files are samples only and you can use these files after some little modifications with a more up to date monit version too.


Have a look to monit 5.19.0 to support some old Linux kernels, or monit 5.27.0, the newest version.


To get some information how to install a pre-build binary package see


With regards,


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