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Generate a Test Message

From: Faine, Mark R. (MSFC-IS40)[NICS]
Subject: Generate a Test Message
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 16:48:26 +0000

I am looking for a way to generate a message from Monit as a routine test just to ensure it is working and that we will receive alerts should any be generated.  The problem is that if we have it configured properly and things are running well it can be a while before we see any messages from Monit. In this time, it is possible, even if unlikely, that there is a problem with Monit somewhere that has gone unnoticed and when something does happen we won't be notified.  In order to prevent this, we are looking for a way to make Monit generate a test notice at least once per day to ensure it is functioning properly.  I have googled for this and seen a few ideas for forcing a failure and changing the message but I was hoping that there may be a better way. 




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